A cooking guide on making nutritious sweet potatoes dishes

Published February 13, 2016 in Cooking - 0 Comments

Sweet potato is a nutritional food source that provides consumers with a great amount of beneficial components for the body including vitamin A, fiber, and potassium. This ingredient also consists more natural sugar than the regular potato, thus kids love the taste of sweet potatoes in simple dishes such as roasted sweet potatoes fries, sweet […]

Tips selected and processed potatoes properly

Published February 4, 2016 in Cooking - 0 Comments

Potatoes are nutritious foods and most common food, which many women loved choosing to cook for the whole family with the delicious and attractive dish. The food is made from potatoes will become better, more attractive and ensure more nutritious if you choose, prepared, processed foods properly. To help you have more experience in the […]

Potato soup delicious and full of nutrients

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During our everyday meal, soup is indispensable. These are dishes that are easy to use and most children are always the most popular. Even when ill, tired of people, if there is a delicious soup, the meal also become easier, kids and adults eat a lot of it feels delicious. There are plenty of soups […]

Guiding to cook delicious curry potato cake

Published February 4, 2016 in Cooking - 0 Comments

The chili dishes are popular dishes in the winter, the cold season, and how do you cook delicious easily with spicy dishes for you, whole family, and processing it from the most familiar materials as from potatoes. Potatoes can be processed into many different dishes and maybe you know many chili foods, and many dishes […]